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About us

We’re making customer experience the backbone of every business.

When We Started

We believe listening is a business "superpower"

About TGS

Established in 2016, this venture started out of the passion of an ambitious mind Shourya Gupta to make a significant change in the way businesses operated across the globe. The small startup was established to use technology in a manner that's not only extremely profitable but rather game changing!

What we achieved

TGS helped almost 350+ Business owners to grow.

In these 5 years, Tech Giants Solutions Group has grown from a small venture, to a fully-operational organisation only through the results that the team has been able to provide to all its customers. In a span of 5 years, we've not only helped business owners grow their business by an average of 200%, but have also helped them prevent a cumulative loss of over 50 million dollars which they didn't realise they were losing!

Years of Service
Positive Feedback
50 M+
profit generated for clients
We Assure...

At TGS, we don't believe in not working on business growth; we strongly abide by the notion that a business is established only for growth. Even if the team is small, there can still be immense growth and we've proved it to all our customers who've trusted us with our business ideas and strategies.

We value your time...

As we proceed forward in time and strategies, we're often overwhelmed with enquiries and service requests. However, we strive to and are making sure to help as many business owners as we can, but only those who aspire to GROW!