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How to Make Your Practice Successful – Marketing Tips for Doctors

When a doctor decides to open their own practice, they are an entrepreneur and a business owner. Marketing for doctors is essential to help you grow your business. This is a reality that many doctors find difficult to accept. Many doctors cringe at the idea of having to market their practice as any other business. It is a struggle for those who resist it. Those who embrace it will have great success and build the practice they desire at an accelerated pace. To grow and become profitable, marketing for doctors is essential.

 When done correctly, marketing for doctors can be both ethically sound and highly effective. Direct-to-consumer marketing is a great way to grow your practice and provide high-quality care for those in need.

  •  DO: Create a marketing plan that attracts your ideal patients. Marketing should be trackable and quantifiable to determine what works and what doesn’t.
  •  Do: Provide information that demonstrates your expertise and identifies you as an expert in the field. Marketing for doctors is all about connecting with patients emotionally.
  •  Do: Use accurate marketing materials that are conversational in tone. Formal doctor talk is the most damaging thing for prospective patients.
  •  Do: Make sure you use marketing for doctors to call your prospects to action and get them to respond.
  •  Avoid: Don’t use marketing tactics that don’t work or produce immediate results. It is a mistake to think you are increasing brand awareness in order to let people know that you exist.
  •  Do not wait for patients to find your office. Being a great doctor does not make you a success. It comes down to prospects walking into your office and taking action. If you don’t have patients coming in to your office every day, you won’t be able to be a great doctor.
  •  Don’t assume that referrals will come naturally. Referring patients to other doctors is not enough. You must also be open to their suggestions. It is wrong to assume that referrals will just happen.

 Marketing takes time. Don’t believe it! Either it works or not.

  •  Do not: Don’t use medical terminology or formal doctor talk to appear super intelligent.


 To grow and prosper, marketing for doctors is crucial. There is intense competition and you must create a separation between yourself and them to ensure prospects don’t see you as another doctor, but as the obvious choice.

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